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Step Into The World Of NITRO Remote Control

When you move to NITRO RC you open up a whole new world of remote control pleasures.

There's nothing like the scream of a NITRO engine as it races past you. Electric RCs just don't make that kind of noise.

For the ultimate in remote control excitement try NITRO.

When the NITRO model runs low on power you simply refuel, and go back to operating. When the electric runs low on power you have to take time to recharge the batteries. That means up to an hour or more before you restart your engine, and get back to RC fun.

NITROs are faster than electrics. Cars and motorcycles run up to 75 mile an hour (though 30 - 50 mile an hour is more common).

Monster trucks climb obstacles with more, and longer lasting, power.

NITRO boats fly across the water up to 40 mile an hour. Think about the rooster tail that makes.

Airplanes and helicopters powered by internal combustion engines perform stunts and dog fights with higher perceived excitement.

Left click on the model below to learn more.

Step into the world of NITRO remote control, and step into a thrilling new adventure.

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